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7 Reasons Why Colocation Is Better To Use Than Closet Oregon Web Hosting


Colocation is a hosting alternative for small to medium sized companies that want to achieve the features of a large IT department without any expensive costs. Many large companies possess an Internet infrastructure to host their web servers and have a group of IT professionals to handle and develop the site. There are a variety of choices available from basic oregon web hosting as much as operating your own web servers off a dedicated Internet connection (inhouse). One better option is colocation.


What is Colocation?

Colocation lets you install your server equipment in somebody else’s rack and share it with their bandwidth or you can have your own provided you add a firewall. It typically costs higher than basic web hosting, but with a lower equivalent amount of bandwidth into your workplace. Once all equipment is prepared, you can then install it to the colocation provider’s rack. That provider will then supply an IP, bandwidth and power to your server(s). Once it’s operating, you will be able to access the same as how you would access a web site on a bend oregon website hosting services. The only difference is that you own the hardware.


Benefits of using Colocation

  • The most significant benefit of colocation is the cost of bandwidth. For instance, a reasonably limited bandwidth business grade DSL line is normally between $150 to $200, however, for the same price; a solitary server could be set in an affordable or cheap colocation oregon facility that offers greater bandwidth speeds and better redundancy for the network connections. These cost savings are even better if the only dedicated network accessis a more pricey complete or shared T1 line.
  • Colocation Portland Oregonfacilities possess more undesirable interruption protection. For instance, during a long ice-storm last year, for 3 days data centers had no power for electricity. Even though they had a backup generator, it wasn’t sufficient enough to help keep the servers working the whole period, so their web sites were down during that outage. At a colocation provider, they invest in power generators and back-up power to secure against such sort of predicament.
  • We own the server equipment. If we choose that the equipment is very sluggish or does not have sufficient memory, we can just upgrade the server. We don’t have to wait for our provider to get around to upgrading it.
  • We own the server software. We don’t need to depend on our hosting provider to set up the software or devices we wish to use. We do this in our own selves. If we choose to make use of ASP or ColdFusion or ASP, we simply buy and install the software.
  • If we relocate, we can leave behind the server working the whole time. When we host our very own domains; we need to either spend for two lines for a long time. This is to transfer the domains to the new area or manage outages while the servers are being transferred to the new location.
  • Colocation providers supply added protection for your machines. Your server is kept and managed in a risk-free environment.
  • Most oregon colocation service providers supply services in which they will handle and keep your server for you for an extra cost. This is particularly beneficial if you don’t have an IT employee or your office lies far from the provider.


Do you need to use Colocation or Web Hosting?

For people who manage small-scale sites for personal use or blogs, they do not need the level of service supplied by colocation and are much better off using shared web hosting. If the server requires more durability (data); then colocation is often times the most ideal alternative. It is also an excellent choice for a local business that wishes to have a large web exposure but doesn’t prefer to have to cope with some items including network connections.


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