5 Benefits Why Small Businesses Choose Colocation


Colocation portland oregon is exactly what most companies need to have these days. It supplies the security and infrastructure of a dedicated data center without the need for extra charges of managing such a facility on your own. By housing their servers in a colocation their facility, companies can able to appreciate the perks of having their servers in the cloud while at the same time continue to running systems’ physical control.


What is Colocation?


Colocation hosting considerably improves the company’s operations, reduces capital costs and increases the quality of service for its customers. It accepts the client’s existing server infrastructure and relocates it to the web hosting provider data centers.


Below are the underlying advantages of colocation hosting:


  • Getting rid of pricey network infrastructure management expenses to trained hosting specialists
  • Taking advantage of the colocation provider’s contract to significantly decrease energy costs.
  • Easy access to a colocation provider’s network.
  • Cheap colocation oregonpermits companies to concentrate solely on handling their operations and enhancing their products while at the same time reducing their IT budget expenses by using servers that have already been acquired.


Companies and even individuals who owns a small business can enjoy the benefits of using colocation data center services. The following are some of its most significant uses.


More effectively connectivity.

Colocation data centers have fully redundant network connections that can guarantee their client’s consistent online operation.


Better functionality.

Colocation centers offer its clients with the adaptability to boost to higher bandwidth levels to support their traffic demand without the need to spend additional charges. Considering that data surge is dispersed continuously throughout countless users, bandwidth costs are considerably decreased.


Enhanced network security.

Oregon data centers have excellent network security, which consists of most up to date firewalls or IDS systems that can identify and protect against illegal access to their clients’ systems.



Colocation enables their client to broaden its facilities so it can accommodate the needs to expand without requiring for an additional cost. If you’re company expands, your IT facilities can grow to sustain its need quickly and at a lower cost.


Cloud migration.

If your company is considering cloud computing in the future, oregon colocation supplies a hassle-free transition by making it possible for you to relocate your equipment to an offsite facility with improved storage capacity and performance to sustain business needs while guaranteeing an effortless cloud transition.


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