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What to use: Colocation portland oregon or a Web hosting provider?


What is the difference between using a local Colocation Portland Oregon provider (or here in Bend) versus an online web hosting provider located elsewhere?


When selecting a way to host a personal website or an online business, there are 2 ways to go:


1.) Acquire and manage your own software and hardware


You would need to buy two servers (one is a backup), firewall (server and software), web hosting control panel software and operating systems and in some cases, IP ranges.


2.) Use the equipment provided by a hosting company


If you opt to buy your very own web server, you have the choice to save it inhouse or rent space at a data center and keep it there. The last mentioned is what we referred to as colocation.


If you choose to pay a company to look after your web hosting, then you’ll be spending for the renting of their servers, internet and firewall which is kept in their data center. In this case, you will be subscribing for or what we call “web hosting”.


Colocation and web hosting perform the exact function: to offer storage space for data and always keep your business online (99.999% uptime). Both equally provide fantastic benefits however the distinctions between the two are extreme when it comes to cost. Renting space on someone else’s server (web hosting company) is way cheaper.


Server Management and Control


The major distinction between colocation and web hosting is the authority. Colocation (your own servers) supplies all the advantages of a data center such as modern day facilities, superb security, dependable speed and connection, on-site technical assistance, redundancy, and threat monitoring– whilst still allows you to have a complete control over your IT devices. While some varieties of web hosting, including managed and dedicated hosting, provide a strong level of managerial regulation over web servers.


If you consider colocation as a renting workplace. The landlord owns the place being leased, yet you own all the household furniture and can design it however you like. Since you own all of the software and hardware related to your network, you can customize devices to match the particular demands of your business. On the other hand, this implies you are accountable for installment, upgrades and persisted surveillance of the equipment, together with routine maintenance and upgrade expenditures. Nevertheless, for many, the capability to supervise and customize every single component of their hosting depends on the exact necessities their business exceeds in expenditure charges.


With most well-known varieties of web hosting for shared, cloud-based, and virtual private servers (VPS), this particular degree of control is simply not attainable. Servers are owned by the web hosting provider data center and can cater to several websites. A common shared server, for instance, can host approximately 3,000 small websites. As a result of the shared nature of the servers, customers should stick to limitations on their services.


Security and Dependability


The true benefit of web hosting compared with colocation is the cost. Shared and cloud hosting is an affordable hosting service while colocation demands considerable expenditures. Nevertheless, while frequently reliable, less expensive hosting possesses several possible drawbacks.


As discussed, shared hosting puts your services on the same server as with another countless customers (this is exactly why hosting providers maintain prices low). Also, a shared space indicates shared memory. If one website obtains a bunch of web traffic or runs into complications with code, it can greatly affect server resources, slowing down other sites. This can lead to websites loading slowly or worse, crashing entirely.


With cloud hosting, troubles can emerge from low data transfer that affects website functionality and inadequate internet access impacting services on either business or client sides. Shared hosting can likewise be susceptible to hacking. If you do choose web hosting, you must choose a provider with appropriate accreditation and a reputation for exceptional security and uptime.


As colocation data center is a completely private set-up, hosted on a dedicated server configuration, therefore none of the negative issues associated with web hosting applies to it. That is if you do your own IT work on your own servers.


Advantages and disadvantages of Colocation versus Web Hosting


The distinctions between both choices, either cheap colocation oregon or web hosting features many unique benefits and drawbacks that will affect your investment conclusion.


Let us quickly check out at what these are.





  • Complete ownership of all software and hardware
  • Complete authority of software and hardware setup
  • Data center IT facilities and security Complete Usage
  • Extra bandwidth than is attainable in a shared web hosting account or a workplace environment.
  • Lesser chance of downtime or system susceptibilities
  • 24/7 technical support



  • Upfront investment could be expensive (tens of thousands)
  • User is the one to conduct upgrades, updates, and routine maintenance





  • Affordable hosting that is perfect for small companies and start-ups.
  • No obligation for the routine maintenance of hardware.
  • Round-the-clock technical support.
  • Instant scalability.


  • No ownership of IT devices
  • Inadequate of complete management of software and hardware
  • May need to share server space with various other customers (depending upon hosting solution).


Selecting the ideal option for a company truly boils down to the amount of control those accountable wish to have over servers and regardless if a web hosting company data center can fulfill their exact criteria.


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