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What to consider in looking for a colocation portland oregon provider?


There are many factors as to why a company chooses to transfer a part or all of their data center affairs to a 3rd party data center colocation portland oregon provider. These factors could be because of funds, emergency recovery planning or simply wishing to concentrate the sources toward competencies. Depending upon the company’s objectives, colo providers are typically an appealing solution to conserving an internal data center.


For many, determining to transfer data center operations to colocation is a tremendous activity. It is a challenging and spontaneous decision that at its core requests for a big improvement. In spite of all the benefits that come with transferring to a colo service, the decision that involves changing the circumstances is often the most significant challenge to making the jump.


As soon as a company chooses to make the transfer to a colo, it takes a ton of careful planning to make sure the best strategy is arranged for your business. To determine the most effective course of action for their business needs and purposes, companies should take 5 essential factors into account:


Power Configurations

Colocation centers focus on energy and, for that reason, service providers must ensure that the servers are operating efficiently every day. Power setups is a significant aspect to consider when determining colocation price. Colocation power prices rely on a variety of contributing factors, including facility size, power source, and area. Various colocation provider may possess unique power settings. Performing investigation and creating a checklist of your business needs is essential in reviewing and selecting a colocation provider that matches your demands.



A Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines a data center’s obligation to its clients, outlining the uptime and accessibility it will provide. Potential clients should examine these contracts thoroughly and take very special attention to examine how effectively the colocation provider has sustained them. If a cheap colocation oregon provider professes to provide 100% uptime but has merely sustained that level of service for 6 months, they may not have the exact same level of service and competence as a provider who has managed the exact level of uptime for a number of years.


Becoming part of a partnership with a colocation provider is a big action for any company, but one that provides substantial possibilities. By inquiring the appropriate questions from the start, they can guarantee that they’re associate with a data center that can supply services to fulfill both their urgent needs and grant them the potential to grow in the future.


Secure Location

Perhaps one of the most essential things to consider when selecting a colocation service provider and data center is natural catastrophes. Considering that the primary feature of colocation is to secure information and devices from downtime, a safe and secure center far from natural disasters is a necessity. Being near to your servers has advantages. You will likely experience higher connection, bandwidth, and internet speeds the closer you are to your server. Additionally the closer you are to your server the less traveling time you have. Some other factors to take into consideration when selecting a location consist of the price of electricity; more costly priced electricity can imply much higher cost colocation services. Once again, if you are contemplated about becoming environment-friendly, look for an area that counts heavily upon solar and wind energy and think about the weather at those locations, cooler weather is much better.


24/7 Assistance

A company places a good deal of trust and confidence in a colocation provider. They need to have an associate who can immediately respond to issues. A 24/7 supervision and assistance should be in place, and preferably the data center must have specialized staff all the time to supply needed services in solving any issues. An excellent colocation provider provides a high level of clarity, providing customers a tool to keep track of their devices at all times and supplying authorized accessibility with very little impediment.



A lot of companies require more from a colocation web hosting provider data center than merely an area to keep their servers. Their businesses may require network solutions that make the most of their data security while also providing accessibility to scalable cloud computing services. For these firms, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud implementations can provide the best of both worlds. A good colocation provider should have the ability to establish whatever network service they require to optimize business outcomes.


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