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What Makes a Good Web Hosting Services Company In Bend Oregon

You have a lot of options when deciding where to host your small business website. However, how do you choose between all those options? Use this checklist of tips to find great Web Hosting Services company In Bend Oregon.

The Qualities of a Reliable Web Hosting Company


When picking a good Web hosting company, uptime is one of the most important factors to consider. Known as availability, uptime indicates the time percentage of your website is accessible by visitors. Overall, the higher the uptime, the better.

An excellent web hosting company promises and delivers very high uptime rates. Hosts that go above and beyond provide:

  • Duplicate servers in one data center: in the event, your website’s server crashes, a backup server takes over so your website stays online at all times.
  • Backup servers within multiple data centers: if a catastrophe happens, a duplicate server in the same location will not keep your website up. Your site has a much better chance of staying up if you have backup servers located on different sides of the country or even on another continent.
  • Uptime guarantee: the ideal web hosting companies ensure that your site will be available at all times, and if they fail to do this, they will compensate you with free services or directly pay you.


As slow sites lose potential customers and leads, loading time is a crucial factor when it comes to your website. It’s always better to host sites that are as fast as possible, which is why reliable web hosting companies strive to improve their servers’ speeds constantly. The best Web hosting companies are:

  • A limited number of sites on the same server: a shared-hosting server will have more resources available to each site.
  • Use caching to pre-load the unmodified section of the site: By caching a section of your website, it will load much faster since the server doesn’t have to build it every time it’s accessed.
  • Security
  • The security of local businesses has become increasingly important as they come under attack more often. Good web hosting service providers defend your site using conventional security procedures.
Reliable web hosting companies constrain the fort by:

Malware scanning: malware is terrible enough that it can take your site down. In addition, malware can be used to send SPAM and even launch attacks on other websites, ruining the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. Automatic malware scans alert you to threats so you can take precautions.

  • Integrating CloudFlare: Some of the best hosting companies provide integration with Cloudflare, which provides security and other beneficial features to your website.
  • Firewall management: A hosting company is required to maintain a Firewall to protect the sites it hosts. Some hosting companies go above and beyond by providing their customers with the option of configuring their firewall so they can look after their access and security 24/7 without having to submit support tickets.


The ability to get assistance when you need it can alleviate a lot of your website management frustration. It is a good idea for web hosting companies to offer a ticket submission system handled by their support staff. There are several great reasons to choose a Web host:

  • Live support: Getting a live person to answer your questions and resolve your issues in real-time is a much more pleasant experience than talking to a machine.
  • Priority support: if you cannot get in touch with a live person, you can purchase priority support. After purchasing priority support, your tickets will go to the top of the list.
  • Online Tutorials: Why call a support agent if you could look up the information online or access a tutorial?
  • Community forums: They are excellent resources for learning about your hosting company and help solve problems and learn from others how to work with them.


Quotas often determine website hosting budgets. A good web hosting company offers more than you need at a fair price. A great Web hosting company will offer:

  • Complete services: The choices are endless when it comes to:
    • Storage of your site’s code, files, and databases;
    • Your website’s traffic;
    • Subdomains; and
    • FTP and email accounts.


Features that a quality Web host may offer are:

  • Backups: Backing up your website is crucial for several reasons. Most small businesses forget this important task due to time constraints. Do not worry, though, because great hosting companies will back up your site for you.
  • Domain Privacy: Your domain listing may be at fault for clogging up your email inbox with SPAM. A domain privacy service replaces your information with your host’s by hiding your identity.
  • SSL/TSL: You should use SSL (Single Socket Layer) or its successor, Transport Layer Security (TLS), to protect your customers’ data and payment information. Hosting companies typically support several varieties of hosting and can even assist you in setting one up on your own. 


Businesses have different needs when it comes to web hosting. Most Web hosting services offer shared hosting and the use of a dedicated server to meet those needs. Reliable hosting companies provide even more options:

  • Multiple levels of hosting: You can pick the level of hosting that suits your requirements, from shared hosting to dedicated servers. Many hosting companies offer bundled packages that combine all of the above items at different price points that fit your budget.
  • Easily upgrade your package – as your business grows, so do your Web hosting needs. When upgrading Web hosting packages, you can seamlessly scale as your needs grow.

There are many reliable web hosting provider Bend Oregon out there. By checking the list above, you can determine which of the samples you should look into – and which should be avoided.

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