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Ways in Changing Your Domain Providers In Bend Oregon?


Are you thinking of changing domain providers in Bend Oregon? Domain services offer standalone deals wherein the domain and the provider are entirely independent of each other. Here is the good news: if you’re dissatisfied with your existing domain service provider, you can effortlessly migrate your domain to another provider. Keep reading to learn more regarding how to relocate it to a new hosting provider.


Reasons Why You Must Change Providers

When purchasing or signing up a domain, you secure the ideal URL for your website before renting out the needed storage from a domain provider. These services generally supply a broad selection of package deals for users to choose from; however, there are various causes for transferring your domain. The following examples are common reasons for changing your provider:


  • Too expensive
  • Unable to provide assistance
  • Inadequate security
  • Sluggish server
  • Constant server interruptions


How Does Domain Transferring Works?


In principle, shifting a domain from one provider to another works the same way with every web hosting provider. However, you must always understand every particular transition’s specifications, which may vary from each website. The fundamental process of a domain transfer is as follows:


Data Backup

You must back up every data on your current data provider before switching to the new one. Either saved on your local PC or an external hard drive, you need to back up all your entire files to avoid unintentional loss when you’ve transferred to a new provider.


Authentication Code

An authentication code is usually given prior to domain transfer which confirms that the domain is registered under your name. The code can be obtained from your former domain registrar or hosting provider. Just inform your present provider that you are planning to cancel your agreement and  transfer your domain to another host.


Registering to New Provider

Once you’ve got your authentication code, you can then sign up your domain to a new provider. You can easily key-in the code if a form appears on the site. If not, take a deeper look at their re-registration instruction page which is commonly found on the website’s FAQs.



When the domain has been registered and activated by the new provider, you can now transfer your entire website’s database to the new server.


Easy Domain Hosting Transfer

Transferring a domain is normally pretty fast and easy process, same as with web hosting services in Bend Oregon. There are some unlikely events in which transfer is not allowed. For example, it’s not possible to move a domain if the web address has been recently purchased. In this particular case, domain locking inhibits a domain relocation for a certain time period.


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