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Is Cable Internet Bend Oregon Better Than Wifi?


In this modern time, everyone wants to stay connected 24/7. Nowadays we see the internet as an essential way not just to communicate with our loved ones, but also to obtain relevant information. With this article, we discuss the two methods of staying online: The first one is through a network cable internet bend oregon, often referred to as Ethernet, while the second one is via Wireless or what we usually call as WiFi. Let’s examine why most companies and individuals still choose cable connection over the latter one.


What is cable internet?

An Ethernet connection is usually much faster than a Wireless connection and delivers better stability and security.


For companies selecting the most effective connectivity services, the decision often falls either to a WiFi connection or Ethernet connection. But What is the difference between a WiFi and Ethernet connection when it comes to speed, quality, reliability, and security? Here’s a brief download on “What is the difference between a WiFi and Ethernet connection?” that provides some detail.


Advantages of Cable Internet


The highest speed of a Wi-Fi connection is 866.7 Mb/s. This is fast, yet wired Ethernet connections with Cat6 cables can provide up to 10 Gb/s. It can even go up to 100Gbps if you use the newest twisted pairs.



Latency means the delay in which arises whenever signals travel from your device to your router. Latency seldom takes place if you are using an Ethernet cable than a Wifi connection.



Cable connections provide spectacular reliability. This is because there are very few disruptions from the transmission frequencies in which results in fewer interruptions and slowdowns. Additionally, considering that the bandwidth is not distributed among connected devices, there are no bandwidth deficiencies at the same time



Using Cat6 cables take up less energy than Wi-Fi connections, therefore decreasing your electricity bill and helping the environment as well.



Wi-Fi is susceptible to hackers and is not 100% secure to use. Even if you are using security software, a person can still get into your Wi-Fi network. However, if you make use of a cable network, only the authorized user can use it by linking their computer or devices into the router.


What is Wireless Connection?

Wi-Fi is the untethered version of a connection.

You don’t need a cable or any type of wires, all you need is search for an available Wi-Fi network to go online. Cafes and other dining establishments regularly provide Wi-Fi so customers can easily connect online using their mobile phones or laptop. Wi-Fi’s strong point is its versatility compared with cable connection.


Both Cable and wireless connection have their advantages and disadvantages. These base on numerous factors such as medium standard, latency, protocol standard, speed, etc. Wireless internet in Bend Oregon is more in demand nowadays, however cable connections remain to provide a lot of important advantages. Hence, you must choose the type of connection according to your needs.


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