Everything You Need to Know about Web Hosting

Everything You Need to Know about Web Hosting

Every web marketer surely is aware of how important web hosting is for their company, but what does it actually do?

Any website cannot go live and work without the use of hosting.  Web Hosting Bend OR, is a type of service or company that provides equipment and server spaces to help your website to start kicking and all set for visitors to stop by. Technically, your website is directed to any user’s computer from the server of your web hosting provider.

There are different types of web hosting that you may choose according to your budget and service provided by the host.


Website Hosting and Builder:

This is the easiest way that can help you choose the ideal hosting type for your website. Most website builder includes web hosting as a part of technical maintenance in the plan that they offer; making them as the simplest and quickest way to establish your presence online.

They are also affordable and even offer free plans, with an option of going premium for just $20 per month – still budget friendly. Aside from this, they also host features to help your online status to grow and to freely design your website according to your preference, providing free templates to choose from.


Shared Web Hosting:

Shared web hosting is a type of host wherein you are using the same server as with other websites. Since you are sharing the server, thus this type of Web Hosting Bend OR makes it an affordable option to try out.

Ideally, this is the best option for someone who is just starting any website that has a minimum  traffic.

The only problem is since you are sharing one server with other sites, there is a tendency might affect your website by slowing down its performance. However, the good thing is that most of the hosting provider ensures that their client’s website gets the best and fair use of their plan. This is why it is important that you choose a trustable web hosting provider that will monitor the performance of their client’s websites.


Dedicated Web Hosting

This type of web hosting means that the server is dedicated to you alone and no other sites are sharing it with you. This is ideal if you are in need of larger disk space and if your business is growing rapidly and generating lots of sales.  Dedicated Web Hosting provides better uptime, more and greater security; however, it might cost you a lot.


 Cloud Hosting

If your website is growing rapidly and expects a high volume of traffic – then this is perfect for you. Cloud hosting operates by using a group of servers located in different areas called “cloud”. There is a lesser chance that you might experience downtime due to server malfunction because if that happens, another server will replace the one broken.


VPS Web Hosting

The last type of Web Hosting Bend OR is VPS or Virtual Private Server. This hosting type works by sharing one server but provided your very own specific area.  Even if you share the hardware with other sites, still you get yourself your own processing resources. If you are looking for more advanced hosting type than shared hosting, but still wants an affordable option, then this is perfect for you.


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