Difference Between Managed Hosting Services and Colocation


In order to help you figure out which hosting plan is right for your company, you need to know first the choices and grasp its benefits. Within this blog, we’ll assist you to analyze the most two popular web hosting plans that companies go for: managed web hosting and colocation hosting.


Colocation portland oregon and managed hosting offer remarkable advantages compared to hosting your server on-site, however, more information is needed to figure out precisely which method is most sensible for your business style.


Managed Hosting Services

Managed web hosting services in Bend, Oregon is a form of dedicated hosting.


You’ll acquire your own server that owns full administrative control over the devices. However, the hosting provider manages the vital physical duties, while also carrying out specialized software and handling the challenging tasks of micromanaging a server.


Fully Managed hosting services typically consist of the following components, often tended to by industry specialists:


  • Server installation and settings at the web hosting data centers
  • Authorized software installations, base on your specifications
  • Safety and security monitoring
  • Extensive customer support provided
  • Software updates and administration
  • Data backup and security


The host signs a contract with the organization called a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which determines the conditions of the provided service. SLAs specifies the exact criteria of the extent of service required and supply significant statistics that the service provider must fulfill.


Managed web hosting bend or services offer a real option for every company that does not have the resources to keep and maintain their servers on-site, don’t have a suitable IT team available, or are time-constrained due to the needs of their business services.


Colocation Services

While managed hosting services allow a certain degree of control and accessibility, colocation hosting, on the other hand, provides full control of all features of server hosting to be sourced throughout your company.


Colocation hosting implies your server sits in the 3rd party hosting provider’s rack and uses the data center’s variety of energy and bandwidth, however, is entirely handled and maintained by your IT staff.


Compared with managed hosting services, colocation:
  • Enables your IT staff complete control of all software setup and setup depending on to your operating operations
  • Demands the company to install and configure the server at the data center.
  • Allows total control of software updates and administration
  • Adds data protection and security in your hands.
  • Doesn’t feature full support other than pay-per-use remote hands in case of an urgent situation.


While oregon colocation¬†corresponds to dedicated hosting, the distinction between colocation and managed dedicated hosting is the degree of control. With colocation, your IT staff has independent control over entire components of your server’s administration and execution.


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